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Being one of the oldest textile houses with over 60 years of experience, Jayshree International has grown to become India’s most reliable garment manufacturer and exporter. With the determination and passion of our forefathers, Jayshree started in 1960 with a fabric manufacturing division. 

A proud hub for its innovation, excellence, and integrity - Jayshree’s success is driven by continuously embracing customers with better services and opportunities. 

Jayshree adapted to the new market conditions and diversified and rose in 1995 not just as a textile manufacturer but also as a leading manufacturer & exporter of fashion apparel in India. 

Today, Jayshree weaves remarkable textiles for the world’s highest caliber brands and passionately creates garments that add style to people’s lives. 

NEVER SETTLE’ is the motivation mantra that describes our work culture. We work to drive towards nothing but the excellence of our business, our people, and our community. 

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Why Partner With Us?

Manufacturing quality apparel and meeting deadlines is a complex task. But we are ready to take up the challenge!


We can be your manufacturer providing the finest garments that help you sell fast and leave a mark on your customers. 


We bring a fresh and cutting-edge approach to meet our partner’s requirements. Brands, boutiques, and retailers partner with Jayshree International to find the right quality and product for them. 


With every partner, we work for the good of our collaborative bottom lines, industries, community, and environment. Contact us today and let’s start working!


Pursuing outstanding principles for people, products & performance.


Committed to being the leader of high-quality garments across the globe at the most economical prices. 




“Since the first day of our institution, we interfuse all of our passion into weaving fabrics and reflect the spirit of this passion within our premier products. As the Founder and CEO of Jayshree International, numbers have never been my motivation. I see our success target as quality at all times and seek inspiration from the satisfied needs of the customers.


We embrace all the major global cities as the doors for our products to spread globally and invest in the market to take firm steps towards our thriving future.”



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