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With a company history of over 60 years in textiles, today Jayshree produces premium garments for women and kids which surpass international ISO standards. 


We believe what we make is a result of the collaborative approach of our deep understanding of the industry, vertically incorporated operations, design-led innovation, and fast-paced workers.


Blending our expertise and modern technology, we make sure to give our customers a unique edge and work our best to provide what our customers want with the highest standards. Our commitment towards our customers helped us build a family of cherished clients coming back year after year.  



To be able to handle and execute 300 silk silhouettes for a prestigious boutique in Paris and to execute 50,000 printed shirts for an American retail brand at the same time, not only shows our strength in handling quantities but also shows the determination of our workforce. 

Delivering the right product at the right time to the right customer can look stimulating. But we believe it is our purpose that gives meaning to the actions of our employees.


At Jayshree, we believe that strength is derived from the talents, ideas, hard work, and experiences of our people. Their collective individual commitment to us empowers us to provide our customers every day with new requirements. With an inclusive workplace approach, we promise all our employees a workplace where each one is valued and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Providing our employees with tools and support to grow and thrive together with the company is our core belief.



With an aim to satisfy customers with nothing but excellence, we have established the most advanced and latest technology machinery together with strong manufacturing processes in all our departments.

Our world-renowned R&D facility allows us to create textiles for the apparel market with a range of performance solutions that outlast and outperform around the globe. With paramount technology, our roots run deep in innovation & manufacturing which allows us to weave fabrics that meet the high-performance and comfort expectations of the customers. Made in India, Jayshree International adheres to the best quality, all while developing fabrics especially polyesters 30 to 35 percent cheaper than Korea, Taiwan, and China.

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With our excellent setup to manufacture, supply & deliver quality textiles from a range of fabrics, and garments – we believe our infrastructure helps us deliver the right product, design, & quality to be appreciated by all.

We at Jayshree, blend our advanced technical manufacturing know-how, years of experience, vigorous customer-sensitive research, and our robust financial power to grow and deliver the finest outcome for a large-scale product on-time delivery.



Quality is an uncompromising fact of life at Jayshree International. It is our primary factor to comprehend every customer’s requirement and specifications, and design, develop & deliver textiles adhering to standards of AQL 1.0 – 2.5, based on customer requirements. We ensure satisfied repeat clientele as a norm which we have to achieve again & again. 

We believe that investing in the right number of quality assurance professionals is not only the best investment for any manufacturing unit but it is also a ladder that helps us thrive & achieve only the best. At Jayshree, aggressive planning of pre-production and quality control from the proto stage is most essential. Using all types of tools and techniques in production helps faster and uniform production. Monitoring our set and achieved targets and analyzing the rejection holds an important place in our quality department and production process.  

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